Butt Lifts

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Butt LIfts and Butt Augmentation

Introduction to Buttocks Lifts

The buttocks and hips are a popular target for plastic and cosmetic surgery given that corrections in these areas can change the overall appearance and shape of the body. Cosmetic surgery such as butt lifts and butt augmentation has also become much less expensive, safer, and with a much faster recovery time recently, adding to the popularity of these procedures. In fact, while buttocks injections and buttocks implants used to be performed only on those who truly required it due to injury or deformity, cosmetic clinics are now more commonly doing them for people who just want to change their overall shape and look.

Buttocks augmentation and butt lift surgery itself is generally simple, fast, and uncomplicated. Most plastic surgery practices do it as day surgery.  Buttocks augmentation  is unlikely to be covered by standard insurance, though, unless it is being done to correct a birth defect or injury, but even then you should consult with your insurance provider first.

There are two basic common types of buttock augmentation:

1. Butt implant surgery where an actual synthetic implant is added that changes the shape and outline of the area, and

2. Butt augmentation or butt injections of substances such as silicone and fat that also change the fullness or shape.

Both of these butt lift procedures can also smooth areas of cellulite, however one or the other may be more fitting for your unique needs and desired outcome. Butt implant surgery involves the surgical insertion of artificial implants into the buttocks with the end result being a change in size, shape, and proportion. The butt implants can give definition where there once was none or just improve the appearance of the area overall.  The most famous type of butt injections are Brazilian Butt Lifts, also called butt injections, fat transfer, or fat grafting. In these Brazilian butt lift cosmetic procedures, fat is removed from one of more areas, and redeposited in others to change the shape of the buttocks.

People who go through butt augmentation surgery enhance not only their appearance, but also their self-esteem and self-confidence. However, as with any surgery, you should consider many factors, such as your overall health going in, the long-term consequences, and the costs before pursuing buttocks augmentation. It is vital that you discuss the potential of butt augmentation surgery with your primary physician, a qualified plastic surgeon, and your family.

Our Pages About Butt Lifts

In addition to our new blog which will cover the very latest innovations in butt lift and buttocks augmentation surgery, it also has the following pages (navigation to the left and by using drop downs at the top of the page):

- Butt lift and augmentation Q&A: Common questions about cosmetic procedures from Brazilian butt lifts to buttocks injections.

- Types of Butt Augmentation: This page covers the types of buttocks augmentation including Brazilian Butt Lifts and buttocks implants

- Recovery after a Butt Lift or Augmentation procedure: Describes the general step in recovery from a butt lift cosmetic surgery

- Top 10 Reasons to get a Butt Lift: Gives some of the reasons you might want to get buttocks augmentation

- Butt Lift Exercises: Goes over simple exercises that for some can give the appearance of a buttocks lift

- Butt Lift Cost: The cost of this type of cosmetic procedure can vary and this page gives you a general idea of what your cost might be

Types of Butt Lift

There are several types of butt augmentation or butt lift available, and it often takes a bit of homework to decide which one is right for you.  You may want to explore each by looking at pictures available in your cosmetic surgeon’s office or online, but ultimately you’ll have to make an informed decision based on your own shape and general body type.  Many times there may be little choice – for major changes in the shape of the buttocks area, a butt implant is often the way to go, and for more minor changes Brazilian butt lifts may give the desired effect.  Yet for many people the choice of buttocks augmentation procedure is more complicated, with both types being possible and potentially effective.

In general, any butt augmentation procedure will add substance to the buttocks, making the area more full and shapely.  In some cases the hips will be affected.  You will then fit into clothing better, and look like you have perfectly even curves and a more noticeable buttocks.  Your confidence will go up, and people will tend to notice something different and more attractive about you even if they are unsure why!

Here are your three options for buttocks augmentation:

Buttocks Injections

• Correct buttocks “shape flaws” through butt injections where fat is strategically deposited in the buttocks area to give the area a lift and fill in where substance is missing

• The perfect placement of the butt injection is key, so an experienced cosmetic surgeon is important

• Perfect body contours and shape by having the shape of this area, and perhaps the hips as well, modified through buttocks injections

• Improve overall body proportionality by having the butt augmented with a Brazilian fat lift

• Recover more quickly and resume normal activities faster with buttocks injections

Butt Implants

• Design your perfect buttocks shape with a custom-made buttocks implant

• Correct buttocks “shape flaws” and unevenness with butt implants

• Fit into clothing better such as jeans by redefining your shape with a butt implant

• While more expensive and harder to recover from, butt implant surgery is unquestionably permanent and predictable

• Butt implants are safe despite being an invasive surgery, but the skill and experience of the plastic surgeon is still key

Butt Enlargement

• Enlargement is designed to just add fullness in general with butt injections

• Enlargement will not correct specific flaws, but rather will just make the whole buttocks area larger

• Those who describe themselves as having a flat area often pursue buttocks enlargement

• May be a little less expensive because it takes a bit less fine tuning than other butt lift surgeries

• Safe and effective and less likely to wear off than a more specific Brazilian butt lifts or other buttocks injections that are designed to correct a flaw.

Buttocks implants, buttocks injections, and butt enlargement are the three major types of butt augmentation surgery available today, with each having both positives and drawbacks.  One or the other may be right for you for your buttocks augmentation, though in some cases you may be able to choose equally to get similar results.  One of the most effective ways to know which one is for you is to use software that takes a picture of you and creates images of what you will look like after each type of butt lift cosmetic surgery.  Similarly, your cosmetic surgeon may have before and after pictures of people who have a similar body type as you.

Some specific questions about these butt lift cosmetic procedures are answered on our Q&A page.

Best of luck for your buttocks augmentation whichever route you choose!

Choosing a Type of Butt Lift or Augmentation
Choosing a Type of Butt Lift or Buttocks Augmentation May Not be Easy

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