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Butt Lift and Augmentation Recovery

Recovery from a Butt Lift: Simple and Easy

Steps Toward Recovery After a Butt Lift

Depends on the type of procedure 

The recovery from butt lift and butt augmentation cosmetic surgery, no matter whether you have fat injections, an implant, or any alternative to these two procedures is actually quite simple. You may have periods of discomfort after your butt lift, but in general buttock augmentation surgery does not generally lead to a painful or lengthy recovery.  How quickly you will be able to return to normal activities will depend on a variety of factors, from your pain tolerance, the extent of the procedure, and the type of activities in question.

Here are the general steps to recovery from a butt lift, again whether you have fat injections or a buttock implant:

1. Directly after the buttock augmentation or butt lift plastic surgical operation, the patient usually wears a loose and light surgical garment. This provides comfort, air flow, and minimal inflammation to the area.  This gown helps ensure that the area will not get infected and also allows healing to be a speedy as possible.

2. You may have a IV tube inserted that will deliver a local anaesthetic over the next 2-4 days (longer for the buttock implant surgery than for the fat injection procedure), or you may prefer a more generalized pain pill. Either way, you will need something to ease the pain after a butt lift.

3. You will need to choose a method for drainage, which will allow excess fluid to drain if you have butt implant surgery to accomplish your lift.  Having someone else around to help is often suggested, but not required.  It is vital that the fluid drain to prevent infection after this cosmetic surgery procedure.

4. As with most surgeries, you are likely to be put on an antibiotic to prevent infection after your butt lift.  As with any course of antibiotics you will need to keep taking it for about 10 days.  You may also be put on a course of vitamins to help boost your immune system after this plastic surgery

5. You will have to limit any activity that requires sitting on your buttock for a long period after this cosmetic procedure.  You will also have to avoid exercise – at least any activity that puts strain on the buttocks, which is almost everything.  How long you will be limited in this way varies according to the surgery itself and the speed at which you are healing.  Of course it also depends on the activity in question.

6. Soon, however, you will be completely recovered from your buttock augmentation surgery, whether you have fat injections or buttock implants, and ready to show off your new shape!  You may find that you have to buy new clothes to better fit your new figure.

Butt lifts are relatively simple, and so is the recovery!

As always, any information here is general, and you should consult with your doctor and a qualified plastic (cosmetic) surgeon before considering any cosmetic procedure.  Your recovery time may be simpler or more complicated than the above depending on your unique procedure, your health, and other factors.  You will want to make sure you have all possibilities covered after this cosmetic surgery – such as time off from work.  You should plan for the longest possibility, given that recovery from a butt lift can vary so much.

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